“Pregnancy Will Humble You”- Reactions as lady shares Video before and after pregnancy

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The pregnancy transformation of a Nigerian woman shocked many Nigerians as her change was unbelievable.

She shared her pregnancy highlights before she was pregnant and after she became pregnant.

It was really surprising to many as she looked a lot different during pregnancy from how she looked before she became pregnant.

Pregnancy really humbled me

She began by telling us about herself before becoming pregnant. She had thought that being pregnant would make her glow and shine.

Her old photos and videos showed a fair-skinned woman with a rounded face and an even nose.

But the young woman received more than she bargained for because pregnancy transformed her body in various unexpected ways.

Her lips, particularly the lower lip, doubled in size, and her nose grew larger. Her face grew larger and rounder as well. She didn’t expect her skin to get darker.

She specifically wrote:

Pregnancy really humbled me 

Reactions: Was the baby growing in the nose

The post of the lady gained different reactions. See comments below:

@Chuka Njoku: Was the baby growing in the nose????

@No Government: THE BEST BIRTH CONTROL COMMERCIAL! Siiiiiiiiiiis! Idk what to.even say lol

@BB_Morgana?: I’m convinced y’all are doing this to yourselves??ehhh

@LM❤️‍?: Bye thanks for taking one for the team i’m never having kids

@Ms Charlie?: ???pregnancy is a beautiful struggle

Watch the video below:

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