He sent her fare thinking she won’t come . He can’t believe she turned up.

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Theodorah Ekwe, a Nigerian content creator, approached an ice cream vendor and danced for him. The ice cream vendor was sitting on a street corner when a lady in a red gown approached him and began to dance.

The young man was seen in the video smiling excitedly as the lady whined her waists for him.

When the ice cream vendor held her hands, she immediately became shy. As the vendor smiled at her, she stopped dancing and left the scene.

TikTok users react to sweet dance video

@phonicstar2 said:

“I dey easy dey vex oo no try come my side how will you just come and be attracting something to me.”

@micom17 stated:

“Wao, nice one. I’m even smiling here, also you’re beautiful oh! see beauty, just like my elder sis. come Abuja oooo.

“@lordhenry_ wrote:

“The day I did this I spent the night in the hospital treating myself please what did I do wrong.”

@tpendragon commented:

“You just intentionally wait make I graduate, this kind thing no dey when I dey school .”

@emmy9004 said:

“If i mistakenly catch you na belle go follow am.”

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