“He was my first love” – Lady breaks down in tears as her first relationship ends after 8 years (Video)

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A Nigerian lady, Chocodera, has shared her pain online as she ends relationship with her first love after eight years.

She revealed that although it wasn’t easy for her to break up with him, she had to summon courage because ‘some relationships never lead to anything serious no matter the amount of love.’

In her words:

“It’s not really easy for me to break up with him after 8 years🥲 kai love d said is really blind🥲 thank God I really have to end it after some praying and fasting🥺

“Some relationships will never eat something serious no matter the love. So it’s better to walk away no matter the pains.so happy to break up with my first date of after 8 years of wasted efforts B 😭.”

Watch the video below:

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