Check Out The Wife & Child Of This Young Nigerian Man Who Is Married To An Older White Woman (Photos)

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Most people are not in support of older women getting married to younger men because they believe that things might not end well for the couple, although the rate of divorce have increased in recent years, we can’t deny that young and older couples are among the couples who have divorced or separated, This means that age is not the criteria for a long lasting relationship or marriage.

Although we have seen several young men who got married to older women, it is rare to see old and young couple who have been married for many years. That is why people always Celebrate this young man named Adebiyi Muizz because, he is not just married to an older white woman named Susan but the both of them have been married for over five years.

The couple are not just happily married but God has blessed their Union with a child.

When the couple tied the knot in the year 2015, several people said that their Union might not last long because Susan is far older than her husband but Susan has proven that she is a wonderful wife because, despite the fact that she is far older than her husband, that has not stop her from according him the respect that he deserves.

Adebiyi also love and respect his wife despite their age differences, and it is obvious that the couple are deeply in love with each other.

Adebiyi Muizz who is a Native of the Yoruba Tribe in Nigeria is a very handsome and successful man, his wife named Susan Smith is from America but she and her family resides in Portland in Washington. Susan is a very strong and hard-working woman and she is still looking very pretty despite her age.

Checkout some lovely photos of Adebiyi and his beautiful wife and child.

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