I regret turning myself to woman – Nigerian Tr@ns-Gender cries Out (video)

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Popular Nigerian transwoman, Miss Sahhara has some words of advice for those who wish to transition into womanhood.

Taking to her Instagram story, Sahhara disclosed that she spent the night in the hospital after undergoing corrective surgery with the drains still attached.

She advised those prospective trans-genders against rushing into making decisions for their body because to become a woman is a marathon and not sprint.

Read what she wrote below ;

I spent the night in the hospital after the surgery with the drains still attached, the surgery is to correct some pain and mistakes I made during my journey into womanhood. We go through hell to be our true selves, it’s a shame that some people trivialize our identity without knowing what it takes to be us.

I hope they never go through what I have been through.

To my trans sisters, I see a lot of you making the same mistakes I made in order to fit into society. Please be patient, don’t rush into doing things your body will produce naturally. Becoming the woman you truly are takes years, it is a gradual marathon step, not a sprint.

Don’t destroy your life out of haste and desperation.

I am staying in the hospital until I am deemed strong enough to go home. Thank you all so much for your lovely messages.

In an interview with IDOMA TV, Oche’s father, Chief Agbo Ella has said he is proud of son, who was once his son and would welcome her with open arms if she chooses to return home.

He denied ever disowning Clifford Oche, now Miss Sahhara, stressing that he would gladly accept bride price from any man who is willing to take his daughter to altar.
“Provided they can live together, why not? I will accept,” he said when asked by IDOMA TV host, Naomi Oboyi.
Watch the full interview below.

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