Wife invites her husband’s side-chic to the house with his phone, be@ts her with a bėlt (Video)

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A side chick’s woes began when she responded to the text from her married boyfriend’s phone. Unfortunately, she met her rival instead of her lover.

According to reports, the wife has been suspecting her husband of having another woman in his life but got confirmation after he forgot his phone at home.

The wife seized the opportunity to send a text message to her husband’s mistress. She pretended to be her husband as she invited the lady to come so they could get down.

The message reads: “My stupid wife is not home, come over and let’s have some sweet moments.”

The side-chick who thought her lover can not wait to see her got to the house as soon as she could only to be in a hot mess.

According to the video, the wife could be seen beating the side chick with a belt while another lady was behind the camera.

Watch video below:


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