Nigerian couple gets married wearing slippers and casual clothes, No bridesmaids and bestmen (Video)

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It is not clear whether it is a decision of choice or condition, but it was crystal clear that theirs was extremely low-budget and simple.

In a short video from the occasion shared by @saintavenue_ent1 on Instagram, the bride is seen carrying out the palm wine ritual that involves her searching and giving the drink to her man.

She eventually located him after teasing some guests and knelt before the casually-dressed husband-to-be to offer him the palm wine.

Guests were also casually dressed

As the man drank, people came close and sprayed some money on the couple.

He then got up and walked together with the bride in the direction of a seated elderly man. There, they received marriage blessings and advice.

It was observed that the man spoke in Igbo language, suggesting that the occasion involved an Igbo couple.

It was also observed that all guests that graced the occasion were casually dressed. No bridesmaid was employed for the occasion. Interestingly, the wedding venue wasn’t specially decorated.

Watch the video below:

Watch the video below:




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