“How My Father Abandoned Us”: Beautiful Girl, 15, Seen Hawking Oranges in The Streets reveals (Video)

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A kind man has given a gift of N5,000 to a beautiful little girl who hawks oranges in the streets.

The girl named Faith is 15 years old and she said her father abandoned her and her mother and doesn’t want to be with them.

Questioned further, Faith said she and her mother sell oranges to survive and to make ends meet.

According to the man who posted the video on TikTok, he will trace the girl’s family to help her mother.

The little girl was so happy when the gift of N5,000 reached her hand as she promised to let her mother know about it.

He wrote in the video:

“Abandoned by her father and now hawking oranges at age 15 just to make ends meat. We have just identified with faith we would identify with her mother soon.”

The short video posted by Mr Identified got many TikTokers emotional.

Watch the video below:

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