Nigerian Lady With No Hands Uses Her Legs To Cut Okra, cooks soup (Video)

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TikTok users are reacting massively to a video of a young woman who used her legs to cut okra. Evidently in the video posted on November 15 by Diaby , the lady is physically challenged and has no arms.

While it is not clear what happened to her arms, what is clear is how she has refused to be a burden on anyone.

In the short clip lasing about 39 seconds, she sat on a chair, lifted her legs and then used the right leg to clutch the knife and the left to hold the okra.

She did it so perfectly that anyone seeing it would think she is using her hands. She was not scared of the knife cutting her as she appeared to be very confident with her practised legs.

She is not a burden to anyone Other video seen on her TikTok handles shows a determined woman who does many things for herself instead of being a burden.

In one of the videos, she was seen mixing what looks like flour and in yet another video, she was seen threshing groundnut. TikTok users have showered her with so much admiration as they rushed to her comment section to bare their minds.

Watch the video below:

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