8 Celebrities Who Gave Birth To Their Carbon Copies (Photos)

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Many Nigerian celebrities have been parents to one or more children for years now. Some of your favorite celebrities’ children share a striking resemblance with their mothers.

Family resemblance usually emanates from multiple genes that collectively form a trait. Some of these resemblances vary in both physical appearance, fashion sense, and even mannerism.

Burbles Media, on the other hand, has compiled a list of 7 Nigerian female celebrities who gave birth to daughters who bear a striking resemblance to them.


Little Adejare with her celebrity parents, Simi and Adekunle Gold

Simi, a Nigerian singer and songwriter, and her daughter Adejare have a striking resemblance.Simi surprised her fans as she finally flaunted her bundle of joy on the occasion of her first birthday. There is no denying the fact that Adejare is a carbon copy of the singer, judging from the photos she shared while celebrating her first birthday.

Mercy Johnson

Mercy Johnson and daughter, Purity

Mercy Johnson’s first daughter, Purity, is a spitting image of herself. Even at such a young age, she exudes the confidence and intelligence that her mother possessed.It won’t come as a surprise if she grows to become a replica of her fame as an actress.

Monalisa Chinda

Monalisa Chinda and her daughter

Monalisa Chinda and her daughter from her first marriage, Tamar, are duos who make a cute pairing. As the general says, “Like Mother, Like Daughter,” Tamar and her mother love donning matching outfits.

Their mother and daughter bond is a strong one, as can be depicted by the manner in which they flood Monalisa’s Instagram page with photos of them rocking matching outfits.

Kemi Afolabi

Kemi Afolabi and daughter

Actress Kemi Afolabi and her daughter Darasimi are carbon copies of each other. After a careful observation, Burbles media gathered that Darasimi has already started exhibiting characteristics of her mother beyond physical appearance.

Kemi Afolabi in an interview with Chude, revealed that per her doctor’s reports, she has 5 years to live after battling Lupus disease. Catch up below:

Tayo Odueke

Tayo Odueke with daughter

There have been different scenarios where fans are left dumbfounded whenever they stumble on photos of some celebrities who share a striking resemblance with their kids.

One such occasion where one can’t actually differentiate a mother from a daughter is the fact that it is difficult to know who Tayo is and her daughter Naomi is because of their spitting image.

Chacha Eke

Unarguably, Cha Cha Eke and her first daughter, Kamara, are spitting images of each other. Just like her mother, Kamara has a unique and fascinating fashion sense, all thanks to her mother, who is a fashion icon.

Ufuoma McDermott

Ufuoma McDermott and daughter

Ufuoma McDermott’s daughter, with her Irish husband, Steven Dermott, is a spitting image of her mother. Kasiena, though at her young age, has already started to exhibit the same characteristics as her mother. By the time she is Ufuoma’s age, the pair would, without a sentiment, look like twins.

Ruth Kadiri

Nollywood actress, Ruth Kadiri shares a striking resemblance with her daughter, Reign Ezerika and we are all here for it.

Reign was born in 2019 to the household of the Ezerikas. The fine actress never stops gishung over her daughter and has a dedicated Instagram page for her.

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