“Anita Your Man Too Sweet” – Side Chick Notifies Main Girlfriend After Love-Making With Her Boyfriend (Video)

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A video that has made its way to the internet shows a side chick attesting to the main girlfriend, Anita, about her boyfriend’s bedmatic skills after a lusty lovemaking session.

In the video, the lady who was lying on the bed with the young man in question repeated that he is too good in bed, both orally and otherwise.

She told the man’s unidentified girlfriend that she should come into the bathroom and remove her pants as commanded by her lover.

“Anita I dey with your man, your man too sweet, your man sabi…. you get it? So your man say make I tell you make you come carry your pant wey you hang for that bathroom abeg, come pack am. She said.

Watch the video she shared below,

In response to the video, an Instagram follower @0j0nugwa wrote: “May we not give birth to children that will embarrass us in the name of fame and clout. Amen 😫

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