Primary School teacher Lands In trouble for doing this in class (Video)

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A teacher with huge backside is trending on the internet and we are here to give you some reactions from Netizens.

The internet has been set ablaze with this trending picture of a pupil’s teacher with a heavy backside. People have been asking that with this kind of teacher, will one ever miss a class.

This female teacher despite her heavy backside and curvy stature dresses decently to school and one would hardly find a fault about her dressing when she pops up on campus. Her picture has caused many internet users to talk. Funny reactions to the post.

Richie Ush said ” Anka I will always sit in front”

Someone even said he would be using the classroom as his bedroom if he was in her class.

With others saying they would even pay for extra class.

Well, in a country like Ghana, old-aged people will even re-register and go back to primary school just to be in such a teacher’s class.

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