Nigerian woman allegedly Wife Cuts Off Husband’s Nose, Tongue for cheating (Photos)

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A doctor with the Federal Medical Centre (FMC) Owerri is currently battling for his life after his wife allegedly attacked him at home on Tuesday night after an argument.

According to one Jones, the victim’s friend, the doctor’s wife cut off his nose, upper teeth, tip of tongue, lower gums and called his mother to come and carry her son after the assault.

“A doctor in my center (fmc) Owerri was assaulted by his wife last night after a quarrel, he wrote on Wednesday.  ”The woman cut off his nose,upper teeth,tip of his tongue and part of his lower gums. She then called the guy’s mom to come and carry her son’s corpse,”Jones said.

“Luckily for the doctor, he was rushed to the hospital last night and we stabilized him.
He is conscious, but can not talk since he’s on tracheostomy. Now I’m scared of this marriage thing. My uni friend and personal physician just sent me this”?

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