Actress Chizzy Alichi reacts to Pregnancy speculations from a fan (Photos)

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Actress Chizzy Alichi reacts to Pregnancy speculations from a fan.
Popular nollywood actress, Chizzy Alichi has replied a fan who congratulated her, after assuming she must be pregnant due to a photo she shared on Instagram, showing a protruded stomach.

The fan commented:

“Congratulations to you on the Pregnancy, I’ve seen it, may you both be protected in Jesus mighty name”

Chizzy Alichi replied:

“Somebody cannot eat eba in peace again…”

Chizzy Alichi recently talked about having children with her husband, Chike Ugochukwu, It could be recalled that the actress and her man got married in December 2019.

The colourful wedding ceremony was well attended by family, friends and many celebrities.

Well, three years into their marriage, the couple is yet to have a child and this has kept tongues wagging.

Addressing this in a recent interview Chizzy Alichi revealed that she is lover of kids and as a matter of fact, she and her husband and ready to have children.

In her words;

“I am a lover of kids. I want to have 5 children with my husband and they are coming soon by God’s grace. We are finally ready. I intentionally didn’t want to have kids immediately after marriage and the reason is personal.”

When asked what she does differently to maintain a happy home despite the rate at which celebrity marriages crash, the filmmaker said;

“Maintaining a happy home starts from the person you got married to. My husband is somebody I have known for years because I learned that in marriage, sometimes love vanishes but friendship sustains the union. Secondly, he supports my dream.

Some of my colleagues stopped acting as soon as they got married but my case is different. I became a producer after marriage and I opened my TV show because of him. So my husband is my best friend and he always wants to see me happy and vice versa.

To me, that is how to maintain a happy marriage. I also shuttle different cities for movies but it’s not that hard because I have a supportive husband. He comes around sometimes when he is free and of course, there is a working airport in Asaba, so I can easily breeze in and out.

However, right now, I want to stay more in Lagos and make more contact and do more Lagos/cinema movies and also concentrate on my show.”

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