Female Corper swears to spread & infect men with H!V (See her leakèd WhàtsApp )

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A female corp member who is simply identified as Dami has sworn to spread HIV in the city of Uyo, where she is currently serving as a youth corp member.

This was revealed in a whatsApp conversation between Dami and her friend. “this is my new service to Nigeria and I swear I will spread this thing because it is in this Uyo I got it. I tasted negative before going to orientation Camp, it’s in this Uyo that I contacted it and I will spread it.

One boy collected today on my way back and I’m going to see him tomorrow. You better pray that your boyfriend doesn’t bring it to you, shey you are the one that told me the pleasure is lost with c0ndom”.

Although her friend tried to calm her down but Dami insisted on spreading the disease to as many people as she can in Uyo.

See the whatsApp chat conversation between Dami and her friend below

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