All Women Need To Wear At Least 2 – 3 Pâñtś Everyday – Nigerian Lady Tells Us Why (Watch)

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A Nigerian Twitter User has taken to her account to advise you all ladies who wear a single underwear throughout the whole day.

She goes by the name Sylvia, and she says Ladies should at least change their pant!es 2-3 times everyday.

Read Below what she wrote:

“Women should not wear the same panties throughout the day.. If your girl wear the same panties thoughtout the day, there’s something seriously wrong.

If your friend, your girlfriend, your sister wear the same pant!es throughout the day that’s not a good look. Tell them to stop.

Especially if he is eating ya pussayyyeeee yes wash it 3 times change panties 2-3 times.

I’m trying to help you women. That fishy smell gotta go b.”

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