Man Climbs A Tree And Stays There For 24 Hours To Avoid Police Arrest him (Video)

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A man wanted for assault climbed a tree in New York City on Thursday to hide from officers for more than 24 hours, and he’s still there.

The branch bandit was still up in the tree when police arrived in the Jamaica neighborhood of Queens, refusing to come down.

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On Wednesday, cops were called to the 44-year-old man’s home after reports of shouting and charges that the guy had threatened his mother and beaten his 50-year-old girlfriend a week before.

The anonymous suspect, however, fled up to his house’s roof and jumped onto the tree in front of his house before the authorities arrived.

“Now the whole world is watching!” yelled the man as he clutched the trunk.

A neighbor, Sandra Dee, described the police activities as excessive.

“He’s snuggled up in the tree,” says the narrator. This appears to be an overabundance. He never threatened anyone. “He’s not violent,” Dee, 58, told the Daily News.

“They’re attempting to extricate him, but he refuses.”

“He claims he doesn’t trust them since cops and penitentiary officers have harmed him.” He was sentenced to two years in prison.

“While incarcerated, he said he was abused.”

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