Why I Stopped Acting Romantic Scenes – Mercy Johnson

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Actress, Mercy Johnson, says she can’t play nude or intimately romantic scenes in movies anymore because she now answers to lots of people.

The 35-year-old mother of three disclosed this when speaking with Goldmyne following the premiere of her movie ‘Legend of Inikpi‘.

The gifted movie star said, although she has made some errors and choices she’s not proud of in the past, her sense of judgment and maturity has heightened with age in recent times.

“When I do that, what would the younger girls do? When you grow past a certain level, you try to go ahead and do better. For me, you don’t need people to tell you what’s right or wrong,” she said.

“Age is telling on me. I’ve grown past that level, I’m answerable to too many people: my husband, my kids. I hate to embarrass them in any way. My daughter is growing.

“She gets hold of my phone sometimes, begins to google, and goes like, ‘Mum, my friends said…’ And they’re very inquisitive.

“I don’t think it’s (playing n ude scenes) something I want to do to make my kids question me in any way or have something in their mind that they want to ask and they can’t.

“My sense of maturity is better, my judgments are better. Some of the errors I made in the past are things that I wouldn’t do now. Some choices I made back then I wouldn’t make now.”

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35 thoughts on “Why I Stopped Acting Romantic Scenes – Mercy Johnson

      1. Yeah. There are sacrifices we all have to make on account of being a parent.
        Posterity should not catch up on us unawares.

  1. I’m proud of you. As a woman, you’ve helped me to get more ideas about decency. I love you too much Mrs okojie. Keep up the good work.
    God bless your family.

    1. I’m a fast rising movie actor and an artiste. I’m gonna be celebrated too this way and I have never chosen the part of indecency in movies or romantic parts. I have always wanted to live a good legacy for my posterity. I can’t love you less Mercy Johnson

  2. Good decision but first you most confess before forgiveness.
    Something missing in your actions to drop off from acting sex movie’s,not only your biological children your advising her but all youth to learn from some mistakes.Tell the public clear about the intimacy you guy perform at the stage when acting to encourage us more.Theres no crime in confession, God will protect your past.

  3. Maturity is not when you are 40 but when you get back to your sense,and looking back..thank God for you my favorite actress

  4. U surely did the best thing otherwise Nigerian movies of late are extremely immoral and this should be regulated. U can’t watch them as a family with children. All they now act is sex period

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