Physically challenged man narrates how he waited till wedding day to reveal his condition to his wife (Photos)

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Physically challenged man narrates how he waited till wedding day to reveal…

A physically challenged man, identified as Ndayisenga has shared story of how he hid his disability from his wife till the day of their wedding.

According to the groom who shared his story to AFRIMAX, he and his wife, Deborah have been married for eight months.

Ndayisenga disclosed that he dated his wife for two years but he never told her that he had no legs, and she didn’t find out because they promised to keep themselves pure till marriage.

Recounting how he became disabled, Ndayisenga said he lost his legs due to a bomb blast which led to the amputation of his both legs.

He revealed that many people from his village bullied him over his condition, and told him that no woman will ever accept to marry him.

Speaking on how he met his wife, he said he met her while he was performing during a singing competition. They became good friends; a friendship that turned out to be an intimate union.

While they were dating, he was unable to open up to her that his legs had been amputated due to fear of being rejected, since he had faced rejection through out his childhood.

They planned their wedding, got married and his wife was in shock when she realized that her husband had no legs but however, that did not stop her from loving him.

Deborah, during the interview, stated that he is the best husband and she will always be on his side. She also stated that she would ensure that he forgets his childhood trauma and the constant bullying he passed through.

On the other hand, Ndayisenga expected his wife to divorce him but that was not the case.

They have been married for eight months and they insist that their union is the best thing that has ever happened in their lives.

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